Ojo Negro

Ojo Negro

Fresh and natural wines reigning from the end of the world in Rio Negro, Argentina's prime winemaking region in Patagonia. These are wines that are crisp and cool, reflecting the terroir and Patagonia's rugged outdoors.


Pure Patagonian Fruit

Ojo Negro Malbec

A Malbec that is expressive and assertive, filled with fresh Patagonian fruits. This Malbec is a loyal reflection of Patagonian grapes growing at the end of the world: strong, intense, and concentrated. One sip, and you know it was born in Patagonian wild.

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Pinot Noir

The Taste of the Patagonian Outdoors

Ojo Negro Pinot Noir

Pop open a bottle and enter into a world of Patagonian adventures. Expressive with intense wild berries, staying true to Rio Negro's terroir. A wine that surprises and impresses.

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White and Wild, Eclectic and Eccentric

Ojo Negro Chardonnay

Juxtaposed Chardonnay that is wild yet elegant, classic yet eclectic. Pure aroma, easy to drink, and full on fruity flavors.

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Pinot Noir Rosé

The rosé wine which finds its expression in Patagonic lands

Ojo Negro Pinot Noir Rosé

Unlike any Pinot you've ever tried. Seduces the nose with delicate and refined aromas, yet surprises in the mouth with its bold structure.

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A Merlot of richness, balance and mettle. True exponent of Argentine Patagonia.

Ojo Negro Merlot

This unique Merlot expresses itself elegant and subtle. It seduces with its fragrant nose. In the mouth it is explosive and with rich acidity. Frank in flavors. With significant body and tannins, present, but silky. Final length.

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