Natural Farming

Ojo de Agua Beef Natural Farming

Where cows roam free

For centuries, Argentine gauchos have mastered the skill in cattle herding in this region, and at Ojo de Agua, our gauchos watch over 70,000 hectares of sustainable farming land where more then 10,000 Black Angus and Hereford cattle roam free, breed naturally, and graze on luscious green pastures.

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The mother of pastures

Our fertile farms not only raise cattle, bulls, and steers, but also specialize in agricultural. Over 1100 hectares produce four varieties of corn, barley, sunflowers and soy, while 770 hectares see sprawling green pastures with an abundance of oats and ryegrass.

We traveled across Argentina to find the best soil suitable for breeding cattle. Ojo de Agua farms -- which span over 70,000 hectares of land -- are located in Patagonia, and in Balcarce, which is in the Pampas region of Argentina, about four hours away of the Buenos Aires capital. Both Patagonia and the Pampas are known as the best land in the world for raising cattle.