Ojo de Agua Beef Natural Farming Breeds

Our top quality British breeds, 65% Aberdeen Angus and 35% Hereford, are known for their tender beef and are guaranteed free of all chemicals, no hormones, antibiotics, additives, or genetic modifications. They are all natural, abiding by the strict bio certified regulations and animal welfare guidelines as EU standards. We have over 15 years of experience breeding quality, purebred cattle. Every year our rodeo grows with the absolute top choice in bulls and cows.

Black Aberdeen Angus

Black Aberdeen Angus, or Angus, is a Scottish breed of beef cattle that comes from Aberdeenshire and Angus counties in north-eastern Scotland. They are small, resistant to cold weather, adaptable, good natured and thrive in the Argentine Pampas flatlands.



Hereford is a British breed of beef cattles that comes from Herefordshire, in the West Midlands of England. The cattle is muscular, large in size, and well developed, especially in the regions of valuable cuts like the loin, back, hindquarters. This breed is known for their vigor, longevity, and overall high quality.