Our Story

We are Organic

We have a strong commitment to the land. We believe in order to truly create incredible wines, we must first honor and listen to the earth. Our organic grapes grow from the naturally blessed soil in Argentina’s top wine regions. Here, we follow the grape from birth to bottle, and are involved in every step of the process.

The Essence of Water

Ojo de Agua means the eye of the water, the source of living things, the essence of all life. Argentina is naturally blessed with incredible agriculture. We call it El Dorado, the Golden Land, a vast country possessing many climate zones that abound in opulent soil and rich minerality. This essence of life is what we express in every bottle of wine we make.

"Mano a mano"
From our hands to yours.

We sustainably and ethically honor our land, our people, Argentina, and those who drink our wines. From our vines to your glass, from our farm to your table, from our hands to yours, we celebrate the great wines of Argentina.